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Coming soon…


The World Federalist Movement - Canada (WFMC) is a not-for-profit research, education and advocacy organization. World Federalists support the application of the principles of federalism to world affairs, in order that global governance becomes more equitable, just and democratically accountable. Our programs cover Peace and Security, Global Democratization, Responsibility to Protect and Global Governance Reforms.

It’s fall and it is almost time for the opening of the new session of the UN General Assembly.

But this year there is also a Canadian federal election. Instead of producing a third edition of our book, The United Nations and Canada, we are going to be doing something a bit different.

When our latest issue of our twice-yearly newsletter Mondial comes out in the next week, it will include a special section devoted to the foreign policy and global governance issues that we think the post-election government will need to consider.

Until then, take a look at what the federal parties say they will do. We asked questions of the parties in four key areas. The results, from four of the six federal parties with members of parliament, are available on our website.

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